Traditional methods as to how we do business globally and our approach to confidentiality are no longer enough. In today’s world you need to be able find one place to ask the unaskable in the knowledge that it is truly confidential

Welcome to your Inside Knowledge

About Us

The Inside Knowledge is an autonomous firm of Global consultants who specialise in providing a bespoke service advising people on their businesses and personal wealth.

We work in close partnership with our clients to deliver palpable results regardless of geography, complexity or controversy.

We have a long and proven track record of delivering personal support and excellence in the most complex of situations to both individuals and across a range of business sectors.

Our steadfast conviction and energy for results is what makes us stand out. We care for our clients' and their businesses, we share their ambitions and align our goals to complement their objectives. Our clients know we're in this together.

We are proud to be recognised as different.


We make no excuses for the fact that we are somewhat of a strange organisation, in fact, we are extremely proud and obviously fiercely protective and secretive of what we do and how we do it. As far as we know, there simply isn’t another organisation in the world who work as we do, and who, are actually able to do the things we do.

The Inside Knowledge is operated and owned by a group of people who together have seen just about everything that you could ever wish to imagine. Hidden somewhere between international Laws and legislation’s is a myriad of solutions that we are able to get access to and create in order to ensure that our clients get what they need and what they want. We don’t make excuses that things can’t be done, if we agree to engage with you as a client we do so in the knowledge that we are able to achieve and deliver, full stop. We don’t do excuses, and don’t stand for them either.

Our clients range from businessmen to leaders of industry and to the extremely wealthy. To us, they all have one thing in common, they engage with us for simply two reasons, firstly because we will be able to carry out whatever it is they are seeking to achieve, and secondly because whatever is discussed or accomplished between us will never be disclosed to anyone. We operate in anonymity, in order to never be put in a position of where we are asked to disclose details with regards to our clients. We operate on the basis that no information is ever held by us that could be requested by a government or third-party agency, and that confidentiality means confidentiality with no exception.

Should it be that you need advice on where are the best places that are still truly private to place your money, or where and how to pay no tax, or how to ring-fence your assets, or even just how to make your life more secure in this invasive world that we live in today. We are able to advise on a whole host of things that you can’t normally ask your advisers about.

Whilst we don’t promise to be able to sort out every problem, there is not much that we can’t do or even haven’t seen. We do promise you one thing, in that, if we engage with you we will deliver whatever is agreed.

What we do?

We provide three main ways of engaging with us, all with a focus to maintain or increase your wealth and wellbeing. Our role and services depend on your needs obviously, but our approach is to be as flexible, emotive, and above all confidential. Our obligation is to provide outstanding quality of work, and our objectives are to become your trusted advisor over time.

Corporate & Financial Services

We provide a complete array of corporate services together with on-going strategic support to deliver solutions that are applicable, impartial and fundamentally commercial.

Consulting & Lead Advisory

Subject focused with a clearly defined brief, we create new business strategies and structures and support the implementation of these, by providing global resources that deliver both practically and monetarily.

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

We work on a one to one basis with you to focuses on the transfer of knowledge and skills required to any given situation by working together as an extension to support the implementation and changes required to achieve the requisite objectives.

Our Services


Perhaps you see accountants as lifeless Individuals who just report history? If so, be prepared to be inspired. We provide accountancy solutions to Corporate and personal clients all over the world


With years of experience dealing with Banks all over the world we are able to advise on which the best countries are, the safest banks, and types of accounts you should be considering


We are able to incorporate companies Worldwide and are able to set-up a variety of Trusts to help you manage your business and personal interests. We are able to mentor on a personal and corporate level


We completely understand the various reasons why you may want to obtain a second citizenship and Passport and are able to recommend the best course of action to suit your needs in order to give you greater flexibility and choice


Finding the right type of finance is critical, as the incorrect structuring of your finances can have disastrous effects. We deal across a broad spectrum of finance products and specialise in dealing with entrepreneurial business owners


Having relationships with 32 law firms around the world we are able to recommend and introduce our clients to the best legal professionals in order to address the array of legal challenges individuals, families and companies may encounter from time to time


Being a private client is an exclusive experience. We treat every client as an individual and tailor everything we do to meet his or her specific needs. There are no stereotypes, what they all demand is the very best of everything in life and we share their desire to make that a reality


Our family office service is dedicated to providing specialist, bespoke administration, and solutions to wealthy families. We can also provide specific services and structuring to already established family and private offices across the world

How We Work

Your right to privacy and our transparency is the foundation of our service

Swiss Security, Anonymity, No governments or third parties

Whether you’re a business seeking to protect your trade secrets, a lawyer safeguarding your client privilege, or just a regular person with nothing to hide, choosing to engage with the Inside Knowledge, may just be the smartest move you ever made.

Most of us have nothing to hide, but we all have something to lose. Organisations, families and individuals, choose the Inside Knowledge for a variety of reasons. “The Inside Knowledge is more than just advice – it has come to stand for a way of doing things: ‘’with confidentiality, spirit, flair, courage, instinctive intelligence and teamwork.”

We respect your right to privacy.

When you engage with us we offer you end-to-end encryption for all your communications, this means whatever you discuss with us or whatever we do for you, is strictly your business. We will never disclose any details about you to anyone.

Read our Privacy Statement

The Inside Knowledge – is a Free Speech Organisation

The Inside Knowledge is proud to be known as a Free Speech organisation. Whilst we do not enforce tighter restrictions on "information" than the law demands, we are fiercely protective of our clients and their information because our clients are our life blood, something that other firms fail to remember. Because of this, we have created a unique ‘client, professional advisor platform’.

There are too many laws and directives that have been established by governments around the world today with professional advisors being liable to prosecution for withholding demands from authority’s requests for information and in some cases criminally liable for not voluntarily informing authorities of a client’s activities. Most of the current legislations have been drafted under the pretence of anti-terrorism acts and money laundering acts. In short, governments only do this for one reason, and that is to Tax you and Spy on you. We don’t think this is necessarily right, hence why ‘Privacy’ sits at the very heart of our ethos.

With our organisation headquartered in Switzerland, and registered around the world in other jurisdictions, and through a combination of our servers being based in Switzerland and Sweden, which has one of the oldest and strongest Freedom of Speech regulations in the world, we are able to protect our clients and their information. Since 1766 Sweden has had Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Information included in its Fundamental Laws, which was the first country in the world to do this.

’It is not a coincidence that we chose the ISP that WikiLeaks also use to hold your most sensitive information’’

Safeguard against Industrial Espionage

The Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure; VDI) estimated in 2014 that industrial espionage is responsible for approximately 100 billion EUR in damages per year for German industry alone. With growing international competition, and increasingly knowledgeable and information driven economies, these numbers are only likely to grow. Whether you are a business in international competition yourself, or work with partners or customers who are investing in the protection of the trade secrets of your business, partners or customers, consulting with us may just turn out to be the smartest move you ever made.

Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft has become a global issue, and its consequences include direct financial damages, loss of insurance coverage, inability to obtain financial services or products, as well as reputation loss and damage. Our identity is becoming one of our most valuable digital assets. Choosing a service that protects your data and identity through its terms of service, technology and legal framework is an essential part of a well-designed risk mitigation strategy.

Protecting Legal Privilege

There are many professions like ours that deal with information that is legally privileged, such as lawyers or medical professionals. In most jurisdictions, that legal privilege goes hand in hand with taking adequate measures to protect such privileged information. The Inside Knowledge is proud to be able to contribute to this protection in the way it operates, and is honoured in being able to help businessmen and women, including lawyers, doctor’s families and individuals in the protection of their information.

What The Inside Knowledge will not do:

We will NOT engage in or be party to any criminal activity whatsoever.

We will NOT respond to any demands from authorities in other countries for information about our clients, their data, their information or anything else.

Those wanting information must direct their demands to the relevant Swiss authorities, which may then possibly contact The Inside Knowledge in the ways that Swiss legislation stipulates.

We will NOT comply with demands from Swiss authorities to a higher extent than the law demands.

What The Inside Knowledge has to do:

The Inside Knowledge is subject to certain legislation in Switzerland and Sweden that we have to follow and comply with as a company. In general because of the way we structure our communications with our clients The Inside Knowledge is not liable for any information you share with us. You are! This follows from the EU's E-commerce Directive 2000/31/EC, Section 4 (Articles 12- 15), which was transposed into the Swedish law as an Act on Electronic Commerce and other Information Society Services [Lag (2002:562) om elektronisk handel ochandra informationssamhällets tjänster].

What The Inside Knowledge can do:

We can refuse any and all requests for information, because of upholding the freedom of information act, this may however come at a cost. Hence, in addition to normal billing costs The Inside Knowledge retain the right in special cases and circumstances to insist on an up-front deposit from the client for costs in relation to their keeping information private.

These costs may include:

  • Management time, skills and resources to protect the Client information.
  • Time spent with media inquiries.
  • Costs for increased security.
  • Legal costs.

If the Inside Knowledge is unable to contact the client to inform them about any requests for information we have received, we may suspend our services to you and destroy any information held as an emergency and security measure.

Personal Data Act

All member states in the European Union are subject to the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, which can put limits to speech and information with the purpose of guaranteeing the individual's right to privacy. Sweden's Personal Data Act [Personuppgiftslag (1998:204).

Data Collection

Our overriding policy is to collect as little information about you as possible, but equally enough to be able to advise you properly and effectively to make sure that you obtain your requirements to the highest satisfaction, and equally enjoy a professional private relationship with us. Read our Terms of Service

The Inside Knowledge data collection is limited to the following:

  1. We will urge you to use encrypted resources for any communication you have with us. This is for two reasons, firstly we have a belief that any information you share with us should be confidential, and secondly because we do not want to be put in a position ourselves of being answerable to anyone.
  2. Our information about you is not only encrypted in its content it is also time sensitive on our systems. We do NOT have access to any encrypted information you disclose to us, outside of this time period which provides us with a unique right to refuse to disclose anything about you to a third-party. ‘Simply because we don’t have anything to disclose’.
  3. We have, at any one time, access to information you have provided to us for a period of 30 days. Thereafter that information is cryptography destroyed. We have no technical means to access your encrypted information after that period.

Data Disclosure

The Inside Knowledge will only disclose the limited client information we possess, if we receive an enforceable court order from either the Cantonal Court of Geneva or the Swiss Federal Supreme Court. The Inside Knowledge has no ability to decrypt any client data we have so only the fully encrypted information we hold on you can be turned over to any court order. In accordance with Swiss law, and our transparency policy, client’s information subject to a data disclosure request will be notified to the client immediately following receipt of such a court order. We will not recognise any ‘gagging order’s’ from any jurisdiction as we regard these as unlawful and a breach of human rights.

Applicable Law

For the purposes of client information, our relationship shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the Republic and Canton of Geneva Swiss Confederation. All actions commenced against a client can only be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction residing in the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

As our client you should be aware of this:

Online surveillance by "free" services has become so pervasive that US security expert Bruce Schneier has come to call it "the business model of the internet". Former US Vice President Al Gore called it the "stalker economy". In addition to this private surveillance activity for so-called commercial interest is state driven surveillance.

The United States of America have been among the leading nations in both fields, also giving their secret services an explicit mandate to gather information for political and economic espionage and manipulation. Such foreign surveillance enjoys far-reaching bi-partisan support. In November 2014, congress also made clear that domestic surveillance enjoys support from the political majority in the United States.

The Inside Knowledge has chosen to follow a different path. Our terms of service have been written specifically by Legal Counsel in Switzerland, who are focused on defending the privacy of our clients.

Switzerland, with its age-old tradition of personal liberty, discretion and security has the strictest laws for protecting personal information which is rooted both in civil as well as criminal law. Swiss surveillance laws are often quoted as exemplary by other nations, and follow the best principles that civil rights organisations demand to adapt in other parts of the world.

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