Organisations, families and individuals chose the Inside Knowledge for a variety of reasons.
“The Inside Knowledge is more than just advice –
it has come to stand for a way of doing things: with confidentiality, spirit, flair, courage, instinctive intelligence and teamwork.”
- Kenichi Ohmae

About us:


What we do:

Our role and services depend on your needs obviously, but our approach is to be as flexible, emotive and above all confidential.
Our obligation is to provide outstanding quality of work and our objectives are to become your trusted advisor over time.

Corporate Services

We provide a complete array of corporate services together with on-going strategic support to deliver solutions that are applicable, impartial and fundamentally commercial.

In order to keep up with today’s uncertain business environment, you need to be part of the The Inside Knowledge community.

When you collaborate and cooperate with us you will be given informative new ideas and new ways of working smarter.

Consulting & Lead Advisory

Subject focused with a clearly defined brief, we create new business strategies and structures and support the implementation of these by providing global resources that deliver both practically and monetarily.

We will advise you on the development of your business and any transaction strategy to help you assess the strategic focus required.

We will together draw up financial models, assist you at contractual negotiations, or we can manage an entire project for you. We bring together in-depth sector-specialized Inside knowledge, experience and a comprehensive international network.



We assist investors to make informed decisions by performing due diligence that really gets to the bottom of the facts assessing revenue growth and cost reduction opportunities to determine a target’s full potential and providing a clear post-investment agenda.

Our due diligence process consists of three main parts:
• Financial due diligence
• Business due diligence
• Legal due diligence

Each investor may have a specific process, but typically it involves reviewing the management team, the market potential, the product or service, the financials associated and the business model

Description of the Due Diligence process

Our Services

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